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Hey everyone! I'm Fox. I am looking for more 'Army's' (BTS Fans & Stans,) and people who enjoy listening to K-pop (and/or J-pop). A couple of my friends created a radio show dedicated to the Genre, since there aren't really any radio shows in the United States who specifically play K-pop. So, we wanted to change that!

If you don't know much about K-pop but are interested, already are into the genre, or know any friends who may be interested, feel free to spread the word!

You can find the link to their Facebook page here:


KPlusArmyHour premiers every Tuesday at 11PM PT Worldwide. You can also catch the recorded show on Mixcloud for those that aren't able to catch the show live:

Here is the first show-


They are also on Twitter & Instagram under KPlusArmyHour. - Oct 15 2020
POLL : Are you into K-pop? ?
Other Choice.
No, but I have friends who do.
Not sure.
Yes/No. And I can take a listen to/share the show.
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