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William01757, Fort Smith, 18 - total posts: 11
As the title says, but I'm asking what do YOU personally feel like a do or don't in dating, and what are some things you feel or believe should be pointed out in dating? Again speak from only your personal experience, beliefs/feelings, and/or you heard about. - May 24 2021
KittyShannon, Vancouver, 17 - total posts: 21
I've only dated (still am) one guy, so I guess I don't have much to input. Either way, before I settled down with my bf, the most important thing, was to make my preferences and what I was looking for in a relationship clear to a guy, so that we didn't waste time with useless chitchat.

That helped weed out the guys who were only looking for erhem other things and not an actual relationship.

A don't, that I added to my list after I joined mylol, is to not entertain multiple guys, and if a lot of dudes are chatting you up, to make it clear to them that there are other guys who are you know there, so they know and can decide whether or not they want to continue talking etc.

Another thing, I very quickly realized that being 100% honest is the best thing, even though sometimes it is hard. Being honest however, does not mean that you have to be rude or condescending, but you can be honest and to the point, all while being polite.

That's all I can think of now. Dating can be very simple at times and then very complicated at the blink of an eye. - Jul 4 2021
kendraloveme, Washington, 19 - total posts: 3
Hi - Jul 4 2021
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