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_prieeto, Ourense, 14 - total posts: 8
Ok one time there I started texting one guy that lives like at 2h of me by car and we were like 4 months talking and I was going to meet him but my mum suddenly said no (idk why) and I were crying for a long time cause I was (and I am) in love with him. The next week than happened that he told me that he likes someone else and since 2 weeks ago I'm getting drunk every 2 days so I wanna stop but the problem is that I can't cause I like so pls if you can text me and talk a few minutes, I don't wanna get depressed more times because of a dumb that lefts me thanks for reading and I hope you can help me :3 - Aug 20 2021
markie-, Denver, 18 - total posts: 21
you will have so many more guys. there is no reason to be depressed. I started to use mega personals only last month and had already 4 successful dates. I know it sounds a bit lame but when one door is closing there is another one opening somewhere. - Modified on:  Oct 12 2021
TheSpookyJas, Pretoria, 14 - total posts: 1
Bro you're 14 - Oct 4 2021
NaadNaqvi, Philadelphia, 17 - total posts: 26
I agree. And if he's getting drunk at this age then like no offence, but hid parents aren't really caring. At least IMO.

Not a fact. there could be reasons I guess, but overall parents just don't seem to be there for him - Oct 4 2021
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