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Some of the top and most popular users lately have been accounts made to catfish. Because I'm seeing a lot of men fall for this and actually entertain these accounts I decided to make a thread to drop some knowledge and help the bois out. If you wanna know if the account you're interested in is based on a real person then you just need some basic knowledge of the internet. If their account says anything provocative with socials included it becomes very easy to identify. If they have a skype account just use a skype resolver, which can be found by looking up "skype resolver" on google, and you can figure out if they are from where they say they are. If they have discord or Gmail in their bio you can just look up the Gmail or discord on google to figure out if they have accounts on other sites. The profile photos you provide get cropped so reverse Google image searching is no longer a viable method as it will show no results. Basic internet knowledge will be the difference between all your personal information getting stolen for thinking the wrong girl is hot and you actually talking to a real person. I hope this thread helps some people. - Sep 2 2021
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