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Aftrthechaos, Mandi, 15 - total posts: 34
Hey umm...well I am in ldr(Long distance relationship)
My girlfriend is from US and I am from India.
Well long story short tell me stuff,I can do to make her happy and ensure our relationship.
Like just tell me what would you girls like your bf to do if he is away from you.

Please help - Sep 20 2021
spaeleo , Greenville, 13 - total posts: 7
Surprise her when you get the time and the money and show up to her door and spend time with her or make a vr world in vr chat and send her an occlus and go on dates in vr chat cause vr simulates her being there with you as well - Sep 21 2021
Lud3n_22, Chattanooga, 17 - total posts: 12
i like it when guys write me cute things and paragraphs, its also nice to receive things you guys make for us. also random face times are cute too, along with random cute photos bursts. send her cute things or stuff shes into. that generally works. ALSO!! do not rush things, they crumble very fast in ldr's. dont rush everything immediately and give it time - Sep 21 2021
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What's your opinion on me. Don't care what it is, me...
am i cute or funny XP
We both want to meet up but you have to travel to meet me.
If we were to go on any date what would it be