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Aftrthechaos, Mandi, 15 - total posts: 31
There are some questions I want to ask only girls
I am sorry if they're offensive

Why do most girls don't reply even if they are online?
Why do girls friendzone a guy who is nice to them and is polite and goes for a mean guy who will break there heart in future?
Why do girls like bad boys?
Are majority of girls gold digger because I've met a couple of girls who are?
My friends Girlfriend dumped him and I read there chat he never said anything wrong to her?why would she do that?

These are all just normal questions
Please answer if u can - Oct 13 2021
Syko., Staten Island, 14 - total posts: 1
im gonna answer in order lol
1. idk you probably message bots or something lmao
2. bruh
3. kinda cringe also
4. are majority of guys just desperate for any female attention?
5. you werent even part of it so ofc you dont know all the details of what happened lol - Oct 13 2021
Aftrthechaos, Mandi, 15 - total posts: 31
Actually it was a long distance relationship and they talked only on IG and read the whole chat only looking for a wrong word

And yeah majority of guys are desperate I am honest - Oct 14 2021
Aftrthechaos, Mandi, 15 - total posts: 31
Btw Thanks for replying,Mam - yesterday at 6:52
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