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RichardFoxx, Oceanside, 15 - total posts: 24
1. A level based top-down RPG in the medieval steampunk future

2. A fast-paced action first-person shooter where your goal is to escape from a maximum-security alien prison

3. An action monster hunting game where killing all the monsters progresses you through the game

4. A slow-paced peaceful exploration game where you go on a hike and try to find all the secrets. Or, you can just walk on the hike.

5. A side-scrolling platformer with puzzle mechanics

6. A level based horror exploration game about an urban legend with multiple endings

7. A side-scrolling platformer with no mechanic to turn back and with multiple endings, paths, and storylines

8. A roguelike farming survival game on an island with mutant zombie cannibals and other various minsters and your goal is to rebuild your spaceship

9. A tower defense game with zombies and your "tower" is a moving car

10. A slow-paced peaceful exploration game where you collect memories to progress through the game

Comment which game you want me to make first! - May 6 2022
Kenthegamer, Pune, 15 - total posts: 21
Make the prison one first and I am interested in startin my journey in game dev please can u teach me? - May 7 2022
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