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Michael4274, Fergus Falls, 17 - total posts: 56
I really do not like the people trying to cancel comedy, I mean yeah the jokes are offense but that makes them funny. Also a stereotype joke is funny because it is usually true. Someone who supported the comedy cancel culture tried to kill dave chappelle, come on people. In the end it's a joke and we don't mean them at all, we just like to laugh. - Aug 4 2022
felic1s, Los Angeles, 15 - total posts: 28
snowflakes will do anything to cancel someone for saying "god isnt real" or "guns have more rights than women" jokingly. i believe that the jokes are ok as long as the person behind them isnt seriously actively hurting people the jokes are targeted at. my opinion most likely has a lot of flaws but then again so does everyone elses. either way, its someone else saying those things, you cant ACTUALLY control what they say, you can only control what you say - Aug 5 2022
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