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SadSauruman, Clarksville, 15 - total posts: 6
ever since i posted the crackdown post, ive been receiving messages from weird accounts asking for information that could give away my location. im deleting my main from this website as it is no longer safe for me to remain here. i have a feeling that these messages are part of something bigger and not something im ready to handle. the human trafficking industry is a multi million dollar industry and i dont feel like competing with that. HOWEVER, just because im leaving, doesnt mean that you pedophiles are safe. you will never be safe. i have several alts that will remain and continue reporting accounts to armed forces. its been fun, signing out, SadSauruman. - Jan 8 2023
mrcoolguyhmb, Bethlehem, 14 - total posts: 20
RIP - Jan 8 2023
666redcats, Alpine, 16 - total posts: 41
rip ok but you know those people arent human traffickers they just want ur info so they can scam you of money - Jan 8 2023
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