SugnaO, 25 years old
Acton, California, USA
Single, odd jobs/college
You find him...
im effeminate, im country, im nerdy, im geeky, and im bored -3-
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    no im not a girl
    only joined because my friend begged me too -.-
    before messaging me, please read all of the following:
    please be at least 17 to message me (rarely ill allow 16). im not a fan of young teens people being part of the online world.
    im not looking to date anyone
    name is angus (sugna is angus backwards)
    currently going to college
    im kinda a farm boy, except im also a gamer
    6 foot 2 inches
    average/skinny body
    broken heart as of feb 19
    i love to sing, lip-sync, and karaoke (mostly the last two)
    i like editing videos and being creative.
    i love showtunes like songs from disney movies. but i also enjoy individual works or songs from non-mainstream writers like voltaire and miracle of sound.
    was more into girls then guys but
    recently i been verging the other direction.(i was already pan) but personality is what is important.
    i prefer when people are blunt and are willing to say the truth when its needed rather than spare feelings, i mean its nice to want to spare feelings but its also good to be honest so people know whats up.
    i have a ton of obsessions such as Supernatural, creepy pasta, certain animes (but i like most animes anyways) doctor who, and more...
    i do work out and im not trapped indoors all the time lol.
    im bit of a girly boy when i get close or shy around someone, and intensely girly when really close (im a uke). but im not afraid and very willing to play the stereotypical guy role, very supportive, and love to please, and im good at it ;D
    but no im not here for sex if your wondering
    im unfortunately a little picky about guys (i can honestly agree usually with the girls who say guys are terrible) but 100% open to girls, but when it comes to flirting or more, depends if im in a good mood (and i mean really good , which isnt often. or when im in need of being happy) i do prefer a dominate/strong female over others)
    i always try to be a good listener. infact i prefer listening more then talking, i like hearing about other people and being there for people who want help
    no im not some horny jerk btw if your looking at my friends. x_x theres just no good guys on here that i would be interested in talking to. plenty of hot sexy guys ;D but no good ones...well its hard to find good ones who i would like to talk to.
    umm "generally" i dont like messaging people first, only do-so when bored lol. sorry
    intelligence is important beyond all else though, so keep that in mind
    ummm not sure what else i should say
    btw i have skype3 now so you can ask for it, but mostly i like gmail

    I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU- You can ask me any ONE question, no matter how crazy, sinister, or wrong it is. I will answer no matter what w/ full honesty. I Dare You To Put This On Your Profile
    and See What Kind of Questions You Get.
    Looking for
    randomnes, uniqueness, and crazyness are by far the best things in the world to me
    no matter what, though, they should at least be intelligent (generally though, i just mean dont be an ignorant asshole)

    mostly chatting and friends
    maybe a cute boy or girl >//< i have a pickiness problem towards guys though even though im more into guys (no facial hair is one thing i like (as an example))
    not realy interested in relationships but flirting is an option if chu get me going.

    girls: i prefer manly or tough/dominate. or just as equaly to that. anyone who is fun and crazy :) even psychotic. love dem psychos. XD

    guys: i prefer cute cuddly guys who can be dominate but the dominate thing doesnt matter to me

    oo and if you havent caught on guys. im mostly uke. however i am a bit seke x3
    (dominate doesnt always refer to sex btw -.-)
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