Prodigium, 20 years old
London, England
Single, Professor
You find him...
No thots or ***boys are allowed to message me.
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    Is your grammar shitty even though you've already learned it before at school?
    Are you using your native language as an excuse for shitty English grammar skills?
    Worry no more! I shall be your new English professor! All ages and genders are welcome!

    Warning: I will not date my students, I can't risk my career over some illiterate brats.

    Now about my personality:

    . Rude
    . Misanthropic
    . Inconsiderate
    . Brutally honest
    . Impolite
    . 24/7 asshole
    . I hate you
    . Lazy
    . Always texts back
    . Grammar Nazi
    . Likes people that you hate
    . Considered a bully
    . Hates emos more than the ordinary people
    . Hates kids if they're too annoying
    . Doesn't understand sarcasm
    . Can compliment you if you're considered decent
    . Hates girls who wear makeup and hates fuckboys
    . Never asks for nudes
    . Will fucking slap you if you pull down his pants
    . Asexual, in case you haven't reached such a conclusion yet
    . Fancy
    . Cruel
    . Evil
    . Do not touch my perfect body in any situation
    . Doesn't want or need love
    . Lives for hatred and hatred only
    . Never smiles
    . Sleep deprived every day
    . Please don't give him a taste of his own medicine, that'd defeat him
    . Please don't put me to sleep, that's one of my weaknesses
    . If in a good mood - will probably hug you and compliment you
    . If in a mad mood - passive aggressive mode
    . Mention of HP grants you points
    . Yes, I'm single, and I like it
    . Nobody is worthy enough to date me
    . Legit scared of people who are good at psychology because these ones can definitely see through him, find out his weaknesses, and break him into pieces
    . Emotions equal weakness
    . Likes making a confusing about me with 3rd and 1st person facts
    . Contradictive
    . Often in denial, but hey I like denial
    . Don't try to make me sweet, fluffy, or kind, please don't
    . Rebellious
    . Not your fucking daddy (pardon the pun)
    . Don't ask me to dominate you or to hurt you or whatever
    . Break me and I'll reveal my real self
    Looking for
    . Someone who actually read that entire about me (no one did, lmao)
    . People with decent grammar
    . Decent people (no crybabies, no emos, and no rednecks)
    . Someone who just accepts my rude horrible personality
    . Money
    . An escape out of this world...
    . A machine that will erase specific memories
    . A decent book
    . My glasses (just kidding, I never use them, my eyesight got worse)
    . A nerd, geek, something like that
    . Someone who can handle me
    . Emotionless people
    . Evil people
    . Etc
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