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    I cut you into pieces
    Searching for your imperfections
    I had plans to make you whole
    But all my threads couldn't stop the bleeding
    There's nothing left, but I'm not leaving
    When all I know is you

    Many times in our life we are faced with a decision to make, one will make us look as though we are merely human, while the other might make us look as though we are soulless beings. Though really, is it really important to look human and make the decision that could get us killed every time, or is it better to make the one that makes you look soulless? Either potentially die yourself or allow the people you don't know at all have the chance of dying, which is the right one to make? Either possibly sacrifice yourself and not be able to see the people you love and care about anymore, or let the other people who might have families as well be killed instead. Many people would respond with saving themselves, it is human nature to save yourself most, if not all the time when there is a group of people that you know nothing about or even one person you know nothing about that could be killed instead. We will claim we have souls but many of us will make decisions to make it seem otherwise, and sometimes, somewhere down that path we will lose our soul completely without realizing it. Very few people could end up getting their souls back or sometimes it is only their humanity that they get back. Though who could possibly pull them from the darkness if it is human nature to care about oneself? Some people ignore that one crucial detail in their minds, those people are the ones that will pull the others out of the darkness, though that doesn't drive the darkness from their hearts completely. It will take months, and sometimes years to rid the darkness, sometimes it won't even go away. It's in those darkened hearts that the love of others can shine the brightest, though even the darkest of hearts can still show love and compassion, they only need to find the right person for them in order for their love to shine. Many people don't see it this way, in fact these so called soulless beings are often labeled as “Heartless,” “Inconsiderate,” and even sometimes “Demonic” just because they don't want to make the people they love live without them. Is it really selfish to make sure your own family, and possibly your children be able to still have you in their lives? Is it wrong to love the people who have been hurt by others? Is it wrong to give those that are broken a new sense of hope and love? Many people see it as the wrong thing to do, though is it really as wrong as we tend to think? To put into consideration, the other outcome is letting those people die by their own hands, so which should be done, save them or let them die? You could easily be letting innocent people die because you were too scared to help them in their time of need, because you were too scared to even realize that helping them wouldn't affect your life for worse. Take the step and help them, prove to the world that a so called “Soulless Being” still has a heart that is willing to help those that are in need, a heart that is still capable of showing love.

    Wait….everything is just too much for me to take in right now. The battle between the mind and heart is raging, I'm going insane though not that many people care about that. I might say I don't sleep well but the fact is, I sleep well, it is the war that is exhausting me to the point of wanting to sleep all day. Coffee doesn't even help with this. My heart always wants what it can't have physically, and my mind always tries to stop it from happening. This is more than I can take at one time. Why can't I be given a break from this hell and be able to be with the one that loves me? Just one kiss, just one touch is all I need in order to know that everything is okay. I believe she is what people call “the one,” If I had to dance with the devil in order to be next to her I would. She saw the deepest part of me without even having to show it, and I saw the same part of her that she tries so hard to hide. To be able to be this vulnerable with someone is both blissful and unnerving because how am I able to know what her final choice will be when she is at the point of deciding whether to stay with me or to leave me behind for someone else. The worse shit life can throw at people always gets thrown at the good people, the ones that actually have morals and actually care about other people. The scars that have been left from this happening are countless yet they have almost built a throne for me to sit upon. This broken heart shouldn't be beating any more yet somehow it still does, it still surprises even me to this day. I often think I should be either hospitalized with the amount of emotional pain I have endured or even buried six feet under. I feel as though I am nothing without someone to call mine. I'm a disgrace even to myself. I just wish one person would stay with me without leaving me.

    Mother has given me a very special gift. The power to fight... against a planet that torments humanity. She gave this gift to all her children. That's right. You and I are brethren. Brothers and sisters chosen when we inherited Mother's memetic legacy through the Lifestream! But.. the planet doesn't approve of that at all! It's doing everything it can to hold us back. That's why it's racking our bodies with pain and filling our hearts with doubt! Now, I shall heal you. And we will go to Mother together. We will join as a family, and strike back at the planet!

    I find it funny how so many people want someone a certain way and won't talk to them if one thing is out of place. This is the earth, reality not build a barbie or build a ken plant where you can always get someone that is what you want down to the dot. The more unlikely standards you have the less and less guys or girls you will even talk to, I personally think people should throw their standards out and focus on becoming friends first and not going straight into a relationship or just trying to sleep with someone. Take off the mask that you wear so proudly, look into the mirror and ask yourself if the way you treat people that you don't know is the way you want to be treated. Ask yourself what you're doing in your life that won't only benefit you but also any friends and any possible family in the future. So many of you take life for granted but there are those you have caused to take their own lives because of something you said to them or something you did to them. How long will it take for it to stop being okay to push people to suicide? How long will it take to make it the norm to help those that are suicidal or have a mental illness, a eating disorder, or even goes every day getting abused by family and other kids at school? How many of you are faking a smile to appear as though you're "fine" because those of you that are faking a smile it will eventually start to kill you on the inside, it will get to the point of breaking down over one little thing.

    “You don't know what goes on in anyone's life but your own. And when you mess with one part of a person's life, you're not messing with just that part. Unfortunately, you can't be that precise and selective. When you mess with one part of a person's life, you're messing with their entire life. Everything…affects everything.”

    "Do you hear it? Do you hear the words? Mouths move, but nothing comes out. The lies, the crap that you're meant to believe? The words that are blades that run you through, like knives through butter. What needs to happen be only fanaticized about, “be nice to one another” “don't bully” “love one another.” It's all bull shit. No one realizes how much, people lie. The lies that pulse through the worlds veins. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” One of the biggest lies that anyone can tell, yet it's still known, still believed. The empty meaning, the sounds that is our tongue, but illegible, because this isn't our language, we live in a fantasy, a made up world that we're protected by birth. As soon as we realize that the bubble is glass, we can shatter it. We can take those pieces and build up something new. The light is blinding, but its shines, the blades hurt, but they defend, the ones who love you, will leave you in the end. Stop lying to yourself, stop telling yourself “ I make no difference” Get up, get out, and go make a change. When I see the future, I see everyone. We can build an empire, or damn ourselves to hell. What happens in the end, is up to you."

    *Sighs* What is life, if one does not have love? Is it just a blur, or a void? One is always feeling as though they fight by themselves. Yet, it doesn't have to be that way. One can simply tell people that's close to them to help them. If one gives time to think about love, in the end it'll only bring stress. Many people are blinded by ignorance, while others just want to be heard. Its not that easy to tell people about what one is going through, in fact it seems like its the hardest thing to tell at times. If one speaks with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy, but doesn't love. They are merely the creaking of a rusted gate.

    What can one do with life? There are multiple things that can be done, but most of them, if not all of them will bring pain in the end. Physical pain will eventually fade from your skin but scars are left behind in place of where you got hurt if it was deep enough of a wound. Emotional pain will end up hiding in the heart, just to show back up the next time something hurts you emotionally, but the scars will always be there as well as the wounds. So, the point in life is to find the things that bring the least amount of pain and continue doing those things. Don't give up on life when there are still people that care, friends that will listen, and hearts that will love you.?


    You can ask me any ONE question, no matter how crazy, sinister, or wrong it is. I will answer no matter what w/ full honesty

    There are many factors that associate with getting with someone in my eyes however getting with me is completely RNG. So really you need to have good luck and hope I don't see that you're using a Deceptisol, because little do you know I might have the Lense of Truth and will be able to see right through you. If you're not worth my time I won't use the Song of Time to relive the moments because I would be too busy playing the Song of Storms to make it Rain.

    If I knew then what I know now, well, it probably wouldn't have changed very much. And it probably wouldn't have changed very much because sometimes, it doesn't matter what you know. What you feel... just takes over
    Looking for
    I am looking forward to getting to now know someone if not a lot of people on here start a friendship and who knows if we hit it off well enough and get to know each other maybe a relationship.
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