Piratedemon, 19 years old
Hell, South Dakota, USA
Who wants to buy my kidney
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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(This will probably change daily to just something random)
    I got most of the people at my job to go against our supervisor I'm such a great influence she deserves it
    Feel free to add me on-
    Discord-Vintage_Rose#2206(I need someone to play phasmophobia with me plz and thanks)

    Snapchat-Vintage_rose17 (if you send any unwanted dick pics you'll be blocked immediately)

    Instagram-_abrial_h (I don't post a lot but I'm trying lol(instas a bitch and doesn't send me notifications half of the time so I might not respond to messages on there especially if they're over a week old cause that's awkward))

    Switch-SW-1492-0895-9209 (Someone should play stardew with me sometime)
    Some things about me:
    1. I like to paint/draw
    2. I have three cats and two axolotls (plus 9 babies) (one of the cats is supposed to be my moms but he's basically mine at this point smh)
    3. I wear heels a lot like I do everything in them
    4. I always start new projects without finishing the old ones (I have like 15 unfinished paintings)
    5. I may or may not have an obsession with serial killers and anything horror
    6. I'm 5'8 without shoes but I wear heels a lot so obviously taller when wearing shoes since I barely wear my tennis shoes
    7. I suck at communicating so if you say something during a conversation that I don't know how to respond to or add on don't get upset bc I left you on read
    A few things about me since I feel like I should make it clear:
    1. I'm asexual and bi
    3. I don't like dominant guys(doesn't mean we don't have to be friends)
    4. I'm not a very social person, unless required, usually I become more social if we're able to hit it off right away or if I feel comfortable(I'll usually end up talking about random things)
    5. I might not respond right away but it doesn't mean I won't it just might take a bit since I'm busy with work and other projects that I'm working on
    6. even tho it looks like I'm on a lot it's mostly just me doing a quick check in and doing quick responses bc even tho I can use my phone whenever I still have to finish my area by 12am
    7. Pls only message me if you are at least 17 and older (next year it'll just be 18 since I'll be 20)
    8.if you are a petty man who gets upset just bc someone doesn't text you right away don't bother me
    9. I'm always tired so I sometimes just don't have the motivation to do things lol
    10.(Might add more, depends)
    If I don't reply, sorry, I don't check this often
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