DyreM.C., 17 years old
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    Hey I'm Dyre.......... Dyre M.C. Don't adjust your.... whatever device you're reading this on. It's me; bored and being an emo. No return engagements, no encore, and for this time, absolutely no requests (yet). Get a snack, settle in, because I'm about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically why I'm here on this site. Well.. if you're reading this bio, maybe you're interested to know why. ~ You can't go back to my past You can't skip my future But maybe you'll be part of my present *wink wink* ~ And I know you're curious what M.C. means on my name, well it means 'Mac n Cheese' Yeah! It's nonsense, but it's none of your business. *snorts* lol. ~ You can use this formula "y=mx+b" to calculate the slope of how down hill my life is going. ~ If you're going to say something about my looks (either positive or negative) Go on.... I'll appreciate the kindness of your tongue to tell me the truth. Don't trust what you see btw, even salt looks like sugar. *coughs* ~ I'm like a cloud because I cry when I feel heavy inside, but they say strong people cry at night, so yeah. I tend to cry every night. ~ I'm like a magnet cuz I'm easily attached to someone, but I hate being in constant fear of being abandoned and ending up being so heartbroken. I know you're like this too. *pats you at the back* ~ I get mad for 4 reasons: 1.For everything 2.For nothing 3.For saying yes 4.For saying no Yeah! *flips hair* I know. I know. I'm complicated like that. ~ I'm bipolar btw. I'm emo sometimes and Weird all the time. ~ You know what drives me wild? A 6 inches long and 2 inches wide.... . . . And No!. It's a $100 bill. ~ If you're trying to send some NOT so decent pics, ya know.. Nudes... Sorry... I'm in a really good space spiritually. So please, fuck off! *bows down* Namaste! ~ Well, if you think you can just win me over with some food and skittles... You're damn right! You can.. ~. Roses are red, champagne has bubbles. Let's drink some vodka and forget our troubles. I may not be your cup of tea, but I'd rather be your shot of whiskey. ~ If you're gonna message me with some 'hey', 'what's up', 'how are you'.... Sorry, but your message must contain an uppercase letter, a number, a haiku, a gang sign, and blood of a parrot. Just kidding! GRR!! Shoot me a message and we'll be friends. You can add me on Snap @dyremc and if you play ROS then send me your IGN and server so we can play sometime. ~Hi! I'm DYRE. *grabs your hand and shakes it* Welcome to my life!
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