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    I'm Troy. I stand tall. I'm cocky.
    I'm Daddy. Daddy has a little girl that he loves very much.
    I'm intelligent. I don't care for stupid people.
    I'm a bit of a narcissist.
    I'm a lover.

    What more could you ask for little girl.

    Daddy wants a girl that can hold her stature. A girl that knows who she is.
    No games. You know who you are.
    Not for the faint of heart, but for the strong in mind.

    Heya have you seen my admission to Rutgers..... No? Well.... looks like I'll have to try again next year. Schooling for Pharmaceutical Engineering so shout my way if you're in a similar field. I also plan to do a little schooling on Mineral and Mining Engineering as well.

    My snap is somewhere on here if you can find it.

    You're probably here because you saw my smartass on the feed so let's read about me!

    I update this quite a bit so you'll see it more than once.

    To start us off, I'm so fucking funny I amaze myself. You just don't understand.

    Two men walk into a bar, one man says, "I'll have some H20 please." Second man says, "ah that sounds good, I'll have some H20 too please." SECOND MAN DIES. Thanks, I'll show myself out...
    But why did he die, tell me that.

    I love biology if you couldn't tell, and math, so don't be so obtuse when we meet ^^

    Alright, so you're probably thinking this did it, totally not my guy; But wait! There's more!!; for 5 easy payments of 19.95, you can get yourself one happy Troy!


    If you didn't read any of the above, welcome to my awesome profile. The name's Troy (real name is James (but call me Troy)). I'm an honest guy most of the time, I mean it. I hate the things that happen in my life but love the way I live it. Some things are better off not done. I'm pretty optimistic and like to look for the bright side to things (there's always a bright side). Now more on the people side of things; I enjoy helping them, weird right? Who does that anymore! I hang out and work with totally awesome people, felons and a veteran. It's a pretty awesome combination if you ask me. My home life is great aswell and I love my parents. I couldn't ask for more!! I tend to think I'm intelligent. You might think differently but education is very important to me. I know first hand what it'll do for you and I want to do so much more than just succeed in this world. I like to think of myself as the "jack of all trades" but I don't know everything (yet). My style!!
    It's not the greatest in the world but I like it; black tee, brown pants, steel toed boots, and my choice of boxers; what's not to love!! Most of the time (I mean all) I think Im sexy. I am not a theist if you were wondering. It has ended all relationships I've had so I'm laying it out now, boom!! pow!! <-- Just like that. What? I don't know. I am by far the most interesting person I know, I'll make something up if I have to! Without dropping any hints, I'm a guy, and I get horny, I hope that's ok with you, awesome, I'm glad we're cool. Most importantly I'm different in both good and bad ways, some you won't like and some you will. I never really had anyone to give me love and affection or attention so I guess that's what I'm seeking here. Truth be told I really don't know why I'm on here. Anyway it looks like I'm writing too much, don't worry there's more; drop me a message if you would like and maybe we can start talking? Who knows what'll happen.

    Some of the things I enjoy doing are ice skating (although I'm not very good) and Skills USA, It is really fun for me and I get to compete with people from all over the country! I love to stay in somewhat good shape so I do a lot of parkour and freerunning. Paintball and ultimate frisbee are my dominated sports. I am the human version of modern warfare. I don't work out too much but I do walk a lot, I can walk all day without getting tired so I spend a lot of time doing nature walks through state parks and such. My abs actually hurt me after I run 20 or so miles but my legs don't burn, I don't fucking understand why.

    (There's more)

    I'm looking for: A 6'1 tall, sexy, intelligent; no, wait, that's me. All my stupid jokes aside I want a smart and amazing girl that really knows how to put me in my place. A loving girl with a sanguine passion (did you see that big word). Someone to give me a little motivation every day. I have my life together so I want someone that's not childish but still knows how to have fun. Someone I can trust to do things with. Someone that can enjoy the peace and quiet with me. There's so much more but I'd rather leave the rest up to you.

    Ok so I lied a little bit right there. I want a girl under conditions

    To further this, 20% of what I'm looking for is personality. The way you think is important to me so the right mindset is a must. Knowledge is power so yes I want a smart girl. Goals, what do you hope to achieve in life. And finally, looks and hygiene do matter, so how you take care of yourself is the final key here.

    Alright, so I'm a pretty chill person, It is very hard to make me mad. I talk about E, all of the above. I'm that guy that doesn't know what an awkward conversation is because they're all normal to me.

    Back to my career!! ~This is so unorganized~

    I really wanted to go into HVACR for awhile, like, I went to school for it! Before I started that I did a lot of plumbing in commercial complexes (that means I worked in big buildings). Other than those I know how to operate equipment, everything from aerial lifts to earth moving. It's a job, not a hobby. I want to go to college for mechanical engineering and architecture. I do a bit of computer aided design too, using programs like 3D max, Fusion360, Inventor. I really want to get home designer but I need a laptop that can handle all the programs!

    For college though I have quite the schedule! I plan on attending multiple colleges to attain my degrees. I'll start with a major in mechanical engineering, associates or bachelors degree, then I'll hit it off with the one I really want to study for, Pharmaceutical engineering! Two completely different fields I know but I've always had a thing for the medical field. If I do 2 majors the other will be in pharmacodynamics or another equal field.

    Things that bother me: People that seek attention. Not people that like attention, there's a difference.
    People that think and/or act like the following when they're not:
    They're Depressed
    They Have a bad life
    They're Suicidal
    They're a Drug addict
    They Cut, Carve, or Self harm
    Continued, I was ^^ "all of the above" and I know what it's like when no one is there for you, I'm an awesome dude to talk to about it :)

    Your eyes, are like an alternate universe
    Your body, is beyond anything I ever wanted
    Your personality, is what I fell in love with

    Just because I sound all plush and cute doesn't mean I am. If you ever meet me in real life, I'm cool in the summer and moody in the winter, I hate the cold weather because I always seem to be doing something I don't want to.

    I may look shiny and great,but that doesn't mean my life is the same. I actually live a hell so don't expect me to be nice when you make it more so. I'm not going to say much here because talking about it upsets me. :(

    I am a loner. I will not get close to you, or attached, and I'd like for you to do the same thing.

    So actually I have two very contradictory goals.
    I want a family around 30 after I get a nice career going.
    Goal two is to achieve success and to not get attached to anything.

    Also, I'm straight, so guys. I'm not an option.

    I'm country, act city, and live neither

    I write when I get bored. Not the best but it happens.

    Ok so I've talked to like thousands of people but only one has ever fit my likes. I don't want a clingy girl, sure I like it when you acknowledge me but fuck I'm not your birth control, I don't need to talk to you every goddamn minute. Immaturity is also a HUGE point so don't act stupid around me, I don't like it. I like fun, but not if it's all the time.

    Time for 3 wishes!!

    Well. My next meal aha. Also a nice place to stay with a beautiful kitchen and a big bedroom to sleep in! And a laptop!! One that can run programs like Inventor and Fusion 360 and 3D Max and Home Designer and. That's all. Just those 3 things.

    Do you feel like your time reading this was well spent? Shoot me a message if you did.

    Snap me at Troy4you2.
    Looking for
    Hi I'm a Fuckboy.

    If you preach equality, why aren't you willing to give it?

    Good philosophy.

    Yeah I'm Privileged
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