asdfasdfqwer, 15 years old
Stuart, Florida, USA
Single, Student
You find him...
I dont know what to put here, so i guess just.. Hi.
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    My name's Seth, I'm a 15 yr old boy with semi-low standards and a low self-esteem.
    If you're interested, message me.

    I really dont know how to describe myself so I don't really have any little teasers to get people to talk to me. The most I can give you is that I'm kind of shy. So if you really want to know me, go ahead and message me. I don't check this too often, so it might be a little bit before I message you back.

    By the way, I dont take selfies a lot, so there generally arent going to be a bunch of pictures on my profile.

    I have snapchat or if you prefer traditional texting, i can also give you my phone number.
    Looking for
    Someone to do stuff with. Someone to talk to. Someone interesting. Someone to do exciting, fun things with. My life's pretty boring right now.

    And you don't specifically have to be in my area. I really don't care where you're from or where you are. Not in a bad way, Im just saying that Im not going to judge you for where you are or where you've been.

    Im interested in girls.. Mostly. If you're a girl, that's awesome, send me whatever you want to. If you're a guy and want to send me a dick pic or something, just like.. don't be a creep about it. I still dont really know if I do or don't like guys because guess what, Ive neither really been with a guy nor a girl. I had a girlfriend in 6th grade, but nothing really happened.. So.. yeah...

    If you want to send me nudes or sex chat or something, that's okay. Just know that Im pretty bad at "talking dirty" and whatnot. If you want to have a normal conversation about something, that's okay too. I dont really care what happens, as long as I enjoy it and you do too.

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    Video games
    Mountain biking...
    Do you find him handsome ?
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