Allegiant, 17 years old
Sydney, New South Wales
Single, Student
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    I am a young, independent woman who doesn't tolerate bullshit from a clueless jackass who want's to ask for a hell of a lot and never give back.

    I enjoy having company, but also enjoy having my alone time, because you know, I'm used to that, only child and all, as well as being single.

    I've been single for quite sometime and have had multiple guys come and go as if to imply that we are dating, even when we're not. So essentially I've been single for, let's just say, a year.

    There is this one particular person who messed with my head and made me think that we were going to be something more than simply just "friends. I mean he was alright, but still an absolute jackass just like all the rest denyingly leading me on into thinking that we were something we're not and then calling me out as just wanting to be friends. Like what the fuck, I don't need that kind of bullshit in my life.

    As if life isn't hell enough; parents that seemingly despise me, but try to hide it, friends that seemingly hate me, but again, try to hide it and guys that want to get rid of me, and admit to it.

    Can't a girl get a break from misery!

    Anyway, enough about that, I'm a dancer, ice skater, horse rider, drawer, painter, skateboarder, surfer and a huge reader. Multi-talented individual, I just simply love be able to enjoy more than one thing, especially if it's a balance between being academically inclined and athletically inclined, which both are a part of my personality.

    I'm a fun, loving person who loves to get up to mischief and seeks adventure. I will never let anyone down, and I make a promise to always be there for you, whether you're a family member, my friend or simply my boyfriend. I'm basically just like want I search for in a guy and just hope to find someone as loyal and supportive as me.

    Looking for
    To be perfectly honest, I actually don't know anymore. My hearts been broken too many times and stolen from, never been replaced.

    I guess all I want is someone to hold me when I'm falling apart, someone to support me when I'm having a rough time, someone to pick me back up once I've fallen and someone to make me smile and laugh even when I don't want to. Someone loyal, honest, truthful, trustworthy, modest, humble, kind, caring and who loves me for who I am, faults and all.

    Is that too much to ask?
    Do you find him handsome ?
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