cyanidepill, 17 years old
North Lakes, Queensland
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single and ready to cry. (hmu if you want to talk dw i dont bite. i think)
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    Idk im a bit nerdy apparently im nice idk. I'm bad at talking to people. I like to help people. I have Adhd, Autism and Anxiety (please dont not text me or ignore me because of it, it isnt my fault also i have high functioning Autism not low). I was bullied in school when i was younger (choked, tackled, harassed e.g) but im ok now. Text me if you want to know more ill answer most questions so dont be afraid to message me because i love to talk to people. I love to play and with friends and I like to talk to people even though i am absolute garbage at it and say things then regret them because i know they could sound rude or weird people out. I love to be with people and talk. I also love to help people. One of my only positives is that I am dead honest which is also a flaw because i say what i feel and screw things up and usually listen to my heart instead of my head at times.
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    Btw im not the type of person to casually ask a person out because of fear of rejection. A person to care about me and understand me even tho im quite flawed and to love me for me. Im hetero flexible/pan.

    I screw up all the time and scare people away I really hate it. tbh idk what i want but i dont think i want friends that much. Im ok with clingy (im a bit clingy). i also say sorry alot cause im scared of screwing up.

    Btw hetero flexible means I lean towards girls but there is cases if you are good enough idk i may.
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