maximus k, 16 years old
Erbil, Arbīl
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my sister thinks i am gay because i have a ponytail ( s
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    TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA my name is blind but here i am known as maximus blind and max have the same meaning so i use both anyway charecter traights right i am a determined person and genuinly trying to be best of my self and i am really focused and detrmined to be a football/soccer player on a elite level or i will just live in a bin......... and i try too be kind but that does not mean u can use me and i am pretty talkable i like every thing from sports movies books people history nearly every thing and i am curently trying to write a book not finneshed yet but i will send you acopy and i am kurdish and we are a indo-european nationality that is curently hated for no real reason and i don't know why but every time i think about ireland i feel a very .........very strong deja v\u00F9 feeling i don't know maybe i was there in the other life? or is it because ireland is quite similar in their history with kurdistan just some lads who want too be free but also trying too not be hatefull as others where too them but be nice and brave and if you are disturbed by religional things don't read the rest of the discription i respect all religons and i think jews are nice people who peple have been too harsh with just because they can just like kurds or irish and i love moses jesus mohamed and all the others even if you think they are not right atleast they tried to do something positive too this world and if you are atheist or don't belive in god it is completely okay pal you are still a human and some times you ateists treated badly which is fucking pathetic from some who actually call them self guardians of god yeah god really needs some random 40 years old to protect him i hate isis and taliban they are absoultely pathetic just pathetic and i won't blame you if you dont belive me but we muslims are nice calm people belive me anyway thank you for reading tell me what do you think
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    a friend boy or girl dosent matter hit me up i do not ignore people unless if i am offline and sorry i am not intrested in relation ships i very recently have broken a persons heart soo....... i am honsetly stupid soo only friends ( also i am straight sorry lads and boys hormones fault )
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