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    Hi I知 Gregory, I知 a really curious gay man. I知 really into challenging myself and trying new things. I love to cook and I love making friends. I知 loyal and will do anything for you if you are my friend. If I do something wrong I can稚 sleep at night until I make it right. I love the extreme, thrill, and I love water. I haven稚 been on any real dates so I can be pretty shy at first; however I知 really fun and funny when you get to know me. I知 sarcastic, and I love to keep it real. I知 incredibly open and not ashamed of anything. I have many talents such as knowing six languages, and can recite many episodes and movies that I watch; I give killer back massages, and love to dance. I have taken many classes and can choreograph. I have taught myself many dances such as Britney Spears Slave 4 u. I like to please others and make my peers happy. I absolutely adore music. I would probably say I know all the lyrics to at least 300 songs. My favorite movies are mean girls (one of the movies I can recite) and X-men last stand (because I love woman with power). One of my favorite comedians of all time is Tina fey because she is a genius and super funny. I stand and defend equality for everybody. I知 currently attend a Culinary School in Boulder Colorado named the Augeste Escoffier. Hmu if you wanna chat <3

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    Well honestly I知 not picky, I give everyone a chance, however it doesn稚 mean I don稚 have my turn offs. All I want is a genuine, honest, experienced guy who will want me ;), and like me for who I am. I want my man to challenge me, show me the ropes, and will make me explore new things. I want him to show me what he likes without out fear that I will judge him. I also wish for my guy to be open and happy with who he is. I would do anything with/for a guy like that!
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