What MyLOL does to protect the safety of its members

The safety of the members on this site is something that is being improved on in each update that is made. Below is a list of the things we do to ensure your safety.

Suspicious Keyword Detection

Our private messaging system is built to detect a huge range of suspicious sexually orientated keywords, including dozens of slang versions of each word. Although this system logs every private message that is sent, ones with these suspicious keywords that are detected are put into a reviewing system whereby our moderators sift through the messages to see if any users are trying to engage in any illegal or inappropriate activity.

Photo Moderation

Our administrators and moderators monitor each and every new photo that gets uploaded to MyLOL to ensure that none of them contain any nudity, racist or offensive content.

Site Reporting

Users have the option to report people that are may be acting in an abusing or sexually explicit manner. Once a user is reported, the case is then followed up by one of the administrators with both of the users to determine what the best solution is. If the reported user fails to comply with the rules, he or she will be banned or deleted from the site.

User Blocking

Throughout the site, users have the option to block communication from another user that they find are being annoying or abusive. Users then have the option to set reasons why they have blocked, and may also remove blocks on users in future if they wish.

Moderated Chat Room

All channels in the chat room have assigned real moderators, along with the help of chat robots that will kick and or ban users if they swear or are being a nuisance to other users. Spammers are also kicked immediately.

Contact Us

Users can get directly in contact with MyLOL administrators through the contact form at the bottom of the site. This is used to discuss more series issues.

What you can do to stay safe online

  • No matter who you think you are talking to online, technically they are still a stranger. You may think you know them well, but they could be faking it the whole time. You can never trust who you talk to online.
  • Arguments and abusive language are pointless. If you find you are in a situation where another user has said something nasty about you, the best thing to do is block this user. If you feel the issue is still troubling you, feel free to get in contact with an admin through the contact form.
  • Keep your personal information to yourself when communicating online (full name, address, phone number, cell number, email address, school). You may not realize it but even making just your email visible on the World Wide Web is putting you at great risk of being exploited by another person. Not to mention you will receive a ton of spam/junk mail in the process!
  • Using a nickname online is a must, but never a nickname that is going to attract predators. Never use your real name. A user can find out where you live, what school you go to, your family connections, and much much more just from knowing your full name.
  • Meeting up with someone that you think might be the one in real life can be more dangerous that you think. MyLOL does not advise that you do so under any circumstances, but if you still feel you need to do this, then the safest thing to do is to tell a parent/guardian about the situation, and get them to come with you along with a group of friends. The best place to meet is in a very crowded and public place such as a shopping mall, during the daytime. Never be with them alone.
  • If you think your friends are at risk, or are experiencing psychological discomfort in anyway, feel free to talk to us through the contact or feedback form in the site.
  • If you see any suspicious, inappropriate, or fake profiles on MyLOL. Please contact us immediately or report this user.

Need more tips?

These websites offer great resources and tips for staying safe online:
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Questions or Comments

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the safety of MyLOL, contact us through the contact form.